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EUT 559 - Usability in Industrial Design

Course Objectives

1.To gain knowledge about the concept of usability and its basic principles and their place and importance in industrial design practice and research
2.To gain knowledge and experience on the methods used in usability research
3.To gain the ability of selection of appropriate usability methods for the assessment of industrial design project processes and outputs
4.Adapting of usability methods used in other fields into the industrial design field.
5.To gain knowledge about user-centered design approaches in industrial design practice and research.

Course Description

The concept of usability and its relation with human factors field. Definitions of usability and its basic concepts. Usability engineering lifecycle, design for usability.
Usability methods in industrial design:
Cognitive modeling methods, Inspection methods, Inquiry methods, Prototyping methods, Testing methods. Kansei engineering.
User-centered design approaches: Cooperative design and participatory design, contextual design, Focus groups, Paper prototyping technique
User interfaces; user-interface standards

Course Coordinator
Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Language
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