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MBG 621E - Nucleic Acids&Protein Biochemi

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to make students knowledgeable about basic and essential concepts of nucleic acids and proteins which are the 4 of macromolecules of living organisms at advanced level

Course Description

Physical properties of nucleic acids, isolation methods, principles of DNA reassociation and RNA hybridization experiments, genome complexities, recombinant DNA procedures and nucleotide sequence analysis, DNAs and RNAs as catalysists. Interaction of nucleic acids with proteins such as repressors, restriction and modification enzymes, RNA recognition. The relationship between protein structure and function. Topics include binding specificity, cooperativity and allostery, protein folding, evolution and macromolecular assembly, sequence homology and prediction of structure.

Course Coordinator
Nevin Gül Karagüler
Course Language
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