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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction, Problematic Issues in Translation, History of Machine Translation
2 Recent Machine Translation Methods
3 Computer Aided Human Translation
4 Evaluating Machine Translation Quality : Human Evaluation, Automatic Evaluation Methods : BLEU, METEOR metrics
5 Transfer Based Translation Methods (I) Direct Transfer, Syntactic Transfer, Semantic Transfer
6 Transfer Based Translation Methods (II) Interlingua Based Translation
7 Example-Based Machine Translation
8 Statistical Machine Translation (I) Translation Mechanism, Language Modelling for Statistical Machine Translation
9 Statistical Machine Translation (II) Translation Model, Phrase Based Models, Alignment Methods
10 Statistical Machine Translation (III)Decoding
11 Syntactical Statistical Machine Translation
12 Spoken Language Translation
13 Machine Translation Between Closely Related Languages
14 Commercial Translation Engines and Future Projections on Machine Translation
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