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MAK 602E - Micro Scale Heat Transfer

Course Objectives

1. To present general knowledge about MEMS and fluid and heat transport in MEMS.
2. To teach the physical fundamentals of miniaturization.
3. To provide the ability of applying the conventional fluid dynamics knowledge to the miniature systems.
4. To introduce solutions in micro scale for the problem of mal distribution of flow in engineering systems..

Course Description

Basics of MEMS. Working principles of valves, pumps, and fluidics in microsystems. Scaling in acceleration, time, power, power density. Scaling in electrostatic forces. Scaling in fluidics and heat transfer. Diffusion processes in MEMS design. Surface tension. Capillary effect. Micropumping. Rarefied gas. Knudsen number. Microgas flow. Heat conduction in submicrometer scale.Electronic cooling. Flow distribution in mini/micro channel manifolds.

Course Coordinator
Lütfullah Kuddusi
Course Language
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