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ELK 554E - Photovoltaic Systems

Course Objectives

1. To provide the fundamental information required to understand the principles and operation of PV systems,
2. To provide necessary knowledge about the modeling, design and analysis of various PV systems,
3. To show that PV is an economically viable, environmentally sustainable alternative to the world’s energy supplies.

Course Description

Introduction to photovoltaic (PV) systems. Solar energy potential and solar radiation, PV effect, conversion of solar energy into electrical energy, solar cells and basic structure, electrical characteristics of the solar cells and mathematical modeling, solar cell arrays, PV modules, PV generators, interfacing PV modules to loads, power conditioning and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms, energy storage alternatives for PV systems, inverter control topologies for stand-alone and grid-connected operation, islanding prevention methods, microinverters, modeling of stand-alone and grid-connected (utility interactive) PV systems.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Yıldırım
Course Language
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