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PYY 610E - Informa.Sys.in Cons.Proj.Mana.

Course Objectives

1. to learn about the use of contemporary tools and approaches for information handling in construction industry,
2. to be able to analyze and evaluate the information requirements of any type of organization in construction industry,
3. to learn basic terms, tools and processes in developing an information system to cooperate with IT professionals,
4. to gain the skills and understanding of analyzing, designing, developing and implementing processes of an information system required by construction organizations.

Course Description

Basic concepts and components of IS/IT, Two-tiered/client-server and three-tiered/web-based architectures for information systems, the concept of system modeling, modeling languages for information systems; Product models, Process Models, Project Models – Reference models, Application models, standardization of the information, Information requirements of construction professionals and current level of IS/IT support, Integrated Information Systems in construction industry, Components of an Information System: DPS, MIS, OAS, ES, DSS, Databases, Relational Database Architecture, System Analysis and Model Development

Course Coordinator
Alaattin Kanoğlu
Course Language
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