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KIM 621E - Smart Polymeric Materials

Course Objectives

1) Develop an essential understanding of structure-property relationship of smart materials as well as their use in practical applications;
2) Develop student's capability to design functional structures using smart and self-healing materials;
3) Provide students an opportunity to learn new knowledges from the behavior of natural biological systems.

Course Description

Classical versus smart materials, Biomimetic materials research, Self-healing mechanisms in biological systems, Smart wormlike surfactants, Smart polymers and gels, Reversible polymer networks, Macroporous responsive polymers, Drug delivery using smart polymers, Gels for sensors and actuators, Shape memory, Self-healing strategies, Damage and healing theories, Artificial self-healing systems, Fracture mechanics of polymeric materials, Self-healing in thermoplastic and thermoset materials, Self-healing smart hydrogels.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Okay
Course Language
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