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KIM 621E - Smart Polymeric Materials

Course Objectives

1) Develop an essential understanding of structure-property relationship of smart polymeric materials as well as their use in practical applications;
2) Develop student's capability to design functional structures using smart and self-healing polymeric materials;
3) Provide students an opportunity to learn new knowledge from the behavior of natural biological systems.

Course Description

Classical versus smart materials, Biomimetic materials research, Self-healing mechanisms in biological systems, Smart wormlike surfactants, Smart polymers and gels, Reversible polymer networks, Macroporous responsive polymers, Drug delivery using smart polymers, Gels for sensors and actuators, Shapememory, Self-healing strategies, Damage and healing theories, Artificial self-healing systems, Fracture mechanics of polymeric materials, Self-healing in thermoplastic and thermoset materials, Self-healing smart hydrogels.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Okay
Course Language
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