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ISS 524 - Marketing Research

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to build skills and knowledge in understanding the marketing research process and the interrelations among the steps of the process in general, technical understanding of a scientific research design performing analysis of data and managerial interpretations and implications of the results obtained for formulating marketing strategies.

Course Description

Marketing research provides information about consumers, channel members, competitors, changes and trends in the marketplace, and other aspects of the firm’s environment. The purpose of marketing research is to assess information needs and provide the relevant information so as to improve marketing decision making. The quality of marketing decisisons in today’s dynamic and competitive environment is to a great extent dependent on the information available to the marketing decision maker
Thus, both users and practitioners need to know when marketing research can and should be used, what research alternatives exist, how to recognize effective and ineffective research and how to interpret and apply the results.

Course Coordinator
Nimet Uray
Course Language
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