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STR 503E - Historiography

Course Objectives

This course aims to,
1. study the intellectual history on art,
2. scrutinize the changing theoretical approaches in art history,
3. analyze the texts written by art historians and philosophers on art,
4. improve ideas on forming new texts on the contemporary art and art practice.

Course Description

Historiography from Antiquity the 18th century. Historiography and art history critisism in the 20th century. Plinius, Vasari, Morelli, Bellori, Winckelmann, Burckhardt, Riegle, Wölfflin, Panofsky, Hauser, Gombrich, Focillion, Hegel. Achievements in art historiography after 2000s. Art historiography in Turkey.

Course Coordinator
Aslıhan Erkmen Birkandan
Course Language
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