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BVT 501 - History of Astronomy

Course Objectives

1. To introduce astronomy as an ingredient of the history of civilization;
2. To develop an awareness of remnants of ancient astronomy in our culture;
3. To grasp the symbiotic relation between astronomy and other sciences predominantly physics;
4. To develop the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write.

Course Description

Fundamental concepts of naked-eye atronomy; Calender systems and timekeeping; pre-telescope instruments; Babylonian and Assyrian astronomy; Ancient Greek Astronomy; Ancient Egyptian astronomy; Chinese Astronomy; Indian Astronomy; Astronomy in Aztecs and Maya's; Astronomy in the Medieval Islamic World; Astronomy in the Ottoman Empire; Copernican revolution and the birth of modern astronomy; Transition of modern astronomy to the Ottoman Empire; Astronomy in the 20th century Western World; Astronomy studies in Modern Turkey

Course Coordinator
Kazım Yavuz Ekşi
Course Language
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