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BVT 509 - History of Art

Course Objectives

This course aims;
1. to improve the visual and cultural accumulation of students throughout introducing the basic concepts, movements and important works of art in the art history field with visual supplies,
2. to teach fundamental knowledge of the historical development process and stages of art,
3. to define names, terms and concepts that belong to different eras and styles in art history,
4. to examine what makes an artifact a work of art,
5. to criticize the work of art and discuss its aesthetic values.

Course Description

Art in the prehistoric era; Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Anatolian art; Ancient Greece; Etruscan and Roman Art; Medieval Art; Renaissance; Baroque; The Age of Enlightment; Art in the 19th Century, Modern Art; the effects of science, economy, politics, culture and faith in the progress of art.

Course Coordinator
Aslıhan Erkmen Birkandan
Course Language
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