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IMT 501 - Interior Architecture Project I

Course Objectives

1. To maintain for the students to design an interdisciplinary interior architecture project ,
2. To give knowledge all the other disciplines related with interior architecture,
3. To maintain for the students to integrate project with specified training modules,
4. To maintain for the students to use any kind of media for visualizing, expressing and
representing the design work.

Course Description

The interdisciplinary positioning of the interior architecture project subject; The association of it with the other training modules such as design, communication, technology and science; The specification of planning and programming decisions and needs; Definition of the place and function; Developing concept, scenario generation, space organization; The design solution alternatives and evaluations; The final design solution; Modeling and presentation techniques.

Course Coordinator
Layıka Ney Ece Arıburun Kırca
Course Language
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