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ITY 516E - Management Information Systems

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is
1. Provide a foundation of knowledge that will help students to succeed in a technology intensive corporate environment.
2. Introduce each the basic technologies, concepts and components of management information systems together with the basic methods, principles and techniques for analyzing, designing, improving, managing and using these systems by using application practicesDetermine how companies can support and enhance competitive advantage.
3. Depict the information systems used in enterprises.
4. Emphasize the basic issues in design ad application of information systems.
5. Provide a systematical, analytical and managerial perspective for benefiting from information systems in solving process/organization/management problems, by explaining the role of these systems in improving effectiveness and competitive advantage in enterprises/organizations.

Course Description

Information Systems (IS) support in organizations, digitalization of enterprises, e- commerce/e- business, functional business applications, enterprise systems, corporate performance measurement, data management and business intelligence, decision support systems, planning, management, development and acquisition of IS, security, privacy and ethical issues

Course Coordinator
Nihan Yıldırım
Course Language
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