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BVT 508E - Scien.&Tec.during in Indu.Rev.

Course Objectives

1. To introduce topics related to process prior to Industrial Revolution;
2. To grasp the developments caused by Industrial Revolution and the way it transformed individuals and societies;
3. To develop the ability to communicate and discuss issues related to science, technology, history and society effectively;
4. To develop the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write.

Course Description

Philosophical Reasons of Industrial Revolution, Socio-economic Reasons of Industrial Revolution, Machinisation period, Post-1870 Developments, Railways, Why the Industrial Revolution Started in England?, Emergence of Factory System, Making of a “Working Class”, Communication: Telegraph and Telephone, Mining and Construction, Population, Urbanisation and Health, Aircrafts, and Consequences of Industrial Revolution.

Course Coordinator
Tuncay Zorlu
Course Language
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