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BVT 613E - History of Medicine

Course Objectives

1. To introduce basic topics, literature and scientific research methods regarding the history of medicine
2. To introduce various medical traditions and approaches in world history in a comparative perspective.
3. To develop the ability to think theoretically and conceptually.
4. To develop the ability to communicate and discuss issues effectively.
5. To develop the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write.

Course Description

Methodology and sources in history of medicine, Rise of medicine as a discipline, medicine in first great civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hittite), medicine in Chinese and Indian civilizations, medicine in Greek civilization, medicine in Medieval Europe, medicine in early modern Europe, medicine in Islamic world, Turkish medicine (pre-Islamic period), Turkish medicine (Periods of Seljukids and Anatolian principalities), Ottoman medicine (classical period), Ottoman medicine (modernization period), medicine in Republican Turkey, and ethical issues in present-day medicine

Course Coordinator
Tuncay Zorlu
Course Language
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