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DZC 508 - History of Science and Maritime Technology

Course Objectives

The aim of the course;
1.To give information about the history of science
2.To recognize the Turkish ancient scientists and their works as well as Oriental and Western societies
3.To give information about the ships and the development of maritime equipments through history and the hidden underwater resources
4.To recognize the World’s most important maritime museums which are the most current information resources about the history of maritime
5.To teach the maritime commerce routes and integrated land commerce routes and the goods which are subject to trade from past to present, the great naval victories and fiascos in the world, and the maritime strategies in history

Course Description

Science and origins of science, Basic features of scientific knowledge, Examination of scientists and their works from Western societies, Examination of scientists and their works from Eastern societies, Examination of Turkish scientists and their works Maritime in ancient ages and medieval times, Discovery adventures of marine equipment, Vessels and their features in ancient and medieval ages, In the history of land and sea trade routes, Great sea victories and thrashing in the world-1, Great sea victories and thrashing in the world-2, Examination of the Turkish maritime museums, Review of international maritime museums, Historical maritime strategies.

Course Coordinator
Tuncay Zorlu
Course Language
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