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BVT 626 - Ottoman Turkish II

Course Objectives

. Introduction to historical material produced in Ottoman Turkish,
2. Teaching paleographical styles in Ottoman archives and libraries,
3. Strengthen and improve students’ Ottoman Turkish knowledge through authentic historical examples,
4. Intermediate knowledge of the location, structure and contents of Ottoman archives and libraries.

Course Description

This course is designed as an introductory level to reading/comprehension of Ottoman primary sources for students who already completed their basic Ottoman Turkish education. Students will find opportunity to apply their previously acquired knowledge of Ottoman Turkish on authentic documents and manuscripts related to science and education. Moreover, a variety of script styles and documentary genres found in Ottoman archives and libraries will be introduced. In this way, students are expected to achieve an apprehension of Ottoman historical material in intermediate level. Students are expected to complete Ottoman Turkish I as the prequisite for this course. If not, instructor approval is required.

Course Coordinator
Hasan Karataş
Course Language
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