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BTT 507 - Research Methods in Social Sciences

Course Objectives

1. To teach qualitative methods in social sciences.
2. To teach ethnographic research and analysis
3. To able students understand the relationship between theory and data
4. To able students develop an ability to collect, analyze and present data to understand the socio-cultural world.

Course Description

This course covers the basic qualitative resarch methods in social sciences. The course starts with broad discussion questions about the relationship between theory and method, research and knowledge production, objectivity, relativism and reflexivity. The topics include ethnographic methods such as participant-observation, indepth, open-ended and focus group interviews, analysis of written-documents, drawings, maps, photography, films and objects; recording and writing fieldnotes; sampling; data evaluation and writing academic reports. The course is designed to teach social science students how to gather, analyse and present data.

Course Coordinator
Sevil Hatice Baltalı Tırpan
Course Language
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