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BTT 505E - Global Politics of New Technologies

Course Objectives

1. To introduce topics related to the impact of new technologies on central concepts and core issues of
global politics;
2. To develop the ability to evaluate the political and ethical implications of science and technology;
3. To discuss affects of global politics on science and technology policies;
4. To determine the role of science and technology actors in politics of globalization;
5. To critically relate new technologies and global politics.

Course Description

This course explores the complex interrelationships between science, technology, and global politics by
focusing on the impact of current advances in communication and information processing technologies on
key issues areas including governance, warfare, security, capitalism, citizenship, democracy, and rights. It
attends to both the ways in which global political actors deploy science and technology in achieving certain
ends as well as how science and technology themselves transform the meaning and content of global

Course Coordinator
Emine Aslı Çalkıvik
Course Language
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