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IMT 508E - Archit.&Design in Cult.Context

Course Objectives

To understand and experience architecture in cultural context emphasizing the role of
cultural identity in a global world,
2. To discuss the design phenomena in the context of local, global and cultural interaction.
3. To elicit theoretical and practical issues and their reciprocal relations,
4. To experience environments of cultural significance and integrate theory with practice.

Course Description

A holistic approach to understanding the effects of cultural values and social structures / lifestyles on architecture; as a cultural being its interaction areas, historical thresholds and turning points that influence its design; problematizing the concept of “meaning” in the age of objectivized architecture; authenticity as dialectics of local and global values and discussions on re-design of traditional Turkish architecture; problem of “aura” and “original”; in-between actual and virtual; discussions on consuming society, production-consumption relations of space, on various spatial scales ranging from personal to communal; power of image in production of architecture; material / visual culture that directs the product, political and social events, scientific developments, philosophy, daily life.

Course Coordinator
Özge Cordan
Özge Cordan
Course Language
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