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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Elektronik Müzik Kompozisyonu
English Electronic Music Composition
Course Code
MYL 5012E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Emmamouıl Ekmektsoglou
Course Objectives 1. To present students with a comprehensive perspective on both compositional and analytical aspects of electronic music,
2. Through weekly listening and reading exercises, to cultivate discussions on aesthetics and philosophy of electronic music making,
3. To provide an in-depth study of tools and techniques of electronic music through weekly assignments and workshops
Course Description Practical overview of contemporary and historical methods of electronic music making with weekly assignments and workshop sessions supported by theoretical analysis of existing works of music and writings by established composers, music theorists and philosophers; a comprehensive look at both compositional and analytical aspects of electronic music,
Course Outcomes Graduate students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills, and competencies:
1. Competency in specific compositional techniques via studies of landmark works of electronic music and writings by pioneering composers,
2. Foundation skills in electronic music practice through sound design and composition assignments as well as weekly workshops,
3. Knowledge about the concepts in the discourse of electronic music aesthetics,
4. Knowledge about new styles and technologies in their artistic practices,
Required Facilities
Other References Boulez, Pierre, 1977, May 6, “Technology and Composer,” The Times Literary Supplement
Nono, Luigi, 1960, “The Historical Reality of Music Today”, The Score,
Dack, John, 1999, “Karlheinz Stockhausen's Kontakte and Narrativity”, eContact 2,2,
Vaggione, Horacio, 2001, “Composing Musical Spaces By Means of Decorrelation of Audio Signals”, Addendum of the COST G-6 Conference on Digital Audio Effects, Ireland,
Smalley, Denis, 1997, “Spectro-morphology: explaining sounds-shapes”, Organized Sound 2:2, Cambridge University Press,
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