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MJT 614E - Theoritica.Persp.Ethnomusicol.

Course Objectives

This course introduces a wide range of theoretical perspectives in both the social sciences and humanities as they relate to the study of in music and culture. Included are traditional historical and interpretive approaches as well as more recent developments such as deconstruction and discourse analysis, feminism, performance theory, or semiotics.
This semester, we shall first examine several frameworks for thinking that were developed in various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences but often engaged in music study as well.

Course Description

Introduction of ethnomusicology, Pre-1945, Musical origins, Early collections. The populist movement. Post-1945 developments. The discourses of science. Disciplinary revolutions. Political contexts. Institutional strands. Cluster of disciplines. Background of Europe, North America. General the discourses of science disciplin. Contemporary theoretical issues in Ethnomusicology; Theory and Culture. Communities and their musics. Ethnicity. Nationalism. Diasporas and globalization. Race. Sexuality and gender. New historicism. Music theory and analysis.

Course Coordinator
Songül Karahasanoğlu
Course Language
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