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MYL 5022E - Hist.of Eu.Art Mus.1 (un.1720)

Course Objectives

1. Through readings and discussion, to teach the main trends and developments in periodisation of Western art music of the medieval through the Baroque periods,
2. To develop an understanding of the institutional framework and the cultural identity of Western music,
3. Through focused listening to selected examples to develop critical listening skills,
4. To introduce the representative genres and stylistic features present in Western early music,

Course Description

Music in Ancient Greece and early Rome, music theory in the Classical world, origins of polyphony, organum and motet, secular song in the Middle Ages, Ars Nova, music in the Early Renaissance, Renaissance and Late Renaissance, vocal genres and instrumental music in the Early Baroque,

Course Coordinator
Paul Alıster Whıtehead
Course Language
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