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MZJ 514 - Methods and Approaches in Contemporary Music Education

Course Objectives

This course aims to;
1. To help students to improve their knowledge about music education basics.
2. To inform music instruction techniques and music instruction materials.
3. To provide being familiar with music education approaches.

Course Description

Music’s functions. Music at curricular program. Children’s musical capacities. Music for children in a chancing society. From theory to practise in teaching music to children. Stage and phase theories. Theoires of musical play and socialization. Social learning and reinforcment theoires. Learning style theoires. Basic concepts of music education. Classifying of music education. Music instruction technology. Music education programming. Music instruction materials. Music instruction process and lesson planning. Music education methods and approaches: Orff Approach. Music education methods and approaches: Kodaly Methods. Music education methods and approaches: Dalcroze Methods. Music education methods and approaches: Other Methods.Suzuki, Gordon, Weikert, Manhattanvile Curriculum Project, Comprehensive Musicianship. Multicultural Music Education. Music for exceptional Children. Music in an integrated curriculum. Project Presentations and Debates

Course Coordinator
Atilla Coşkun Toksoy
Course Language
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