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MYL 5011E - Multimedia Design

Course Objectives

1. Through low-level analysis of software and hardware design technologies, provide the students with an understanding of key concepts such as object oriented programming andbasic curcuit design,
2. Through engagement with a body of multimedia works in the context of artistic practices,as well as related philosphophical discussions, bring students a critical understanding ofdesign principles,
3. Through workshops and implementation excersices, develop in students an awareness of the broader framework of possible interdisciplinary expansions to their practices.

Course Description

An investigation of current multimedia design technologies in the context of artistic practices; overview of tools and techniques, such as hardware and software design environments, commonly used in the production of audiovisual art and new media works; implementation
exercises accompanied by the theoretical discourse on the topic of multimedia to provide a ground for the design of new systems for artistic expression.

Course Coordinator
Konstantınos Vasılakos
Course Language
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