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MZJ 504 - Foundations of Ethnomusicology

Course Objectives

• To examine the foundations of ethnomusicology and its contents in a historical perspective.
• To explore ethnomusicology's shifting disciplinary relationships and tendencies.
• To study on ethnomusicology literature and major writings through fieldworks studies in Turkey comparatively.

Course Description

Examining the foundations of ethnomusicology, surveying its history, theories, methodologies and major writings from key scholars in the field. Defining Ethnomusicology. Comparative Study and Comparative Musicology. Music Anthropology. Fieldwork Strategies. Redefining the ‘Field’. E-Fieldwork: A Paradigm for the Twenty-first Century. Popular Music Studies in Ethnomusicology. Ethnomusicology and Performance Practice. Toward and Ethnomusicology of Sound Experience: Soundscapes. Re-Naming the Discipline. Recent Directions in Ethnomusicology

Course Coordinator
Songül Karahasanoğlu
Course Language
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