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MYE 5018E - Songwriting

Course Objectives

To make an analytical and critical deep look into the songwriting tradition that started early in the 20th century and produced songs which stood the test of the times since they are still vaguely used today, with additional material being contributed by contemporary songwriters,
2. To explore the changes in songwriting styles through the 20th century and beyond, to analyse those changes via examples, and to use the outcomes of those studies for new creations
3. To shade light to new generation songwriters in their efforts to write new songs
4. To equip young songwriters with esthetic values to assist them with styles and trends to come

Course Description

The study of form, harmony and melodic writing techniques required for popular music songwriting, analysis of these using examples, accompanied by songwriting practice and exercises

Course Coordinator
Eray Altınbüken
Course Language
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