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MYL 513E - Maqam Theory&Analysis

Course Objectives

1. To inform about sound system of Turkish Makam Music, makams, usuls and çeşnis.
2. To provide with the makam music knowledge and the ability on hearing, reading and analyzing makam music.

Course Description

General information on makam music. Turkish Makam music theory. The çeşnis, tetrachords and pentachords in makam music. Transposition. The concepts of makam and scale. The elements of makam. Makams of Rast, Rehavi, Sazkâr, Rast-ı Cedid, Pençgâh, Yegâh, Uşşak, Bayati, Isfahan, Neva, Tahir, Hüseyni, Muhayyer, Gerdaniye, Karcığar and Suznak. Anaysis and solfege of those makams.

Course Coordinator
Yelda Özgen Öztürk
Course Language
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