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DZC 502 - Career Planning in Maritime Sector

Course Objectives

The aim of the course;
1. Acquire contemporary career planning methods in accordance with real life problems in rapidly
changing economic, social, cultural, ethical and legal conditions of maritime world.
2. Acquire the ability to adaptcareer planning methods to their own lives.
3. Gain the ability to set up the most appropriate relationship between employees' values and needs,
work experience and opportunities.
4. Acquire skills of prediction the future, know what he / she expects and determine his / her
purpose according to these.

Course Description

Career definition, career planning and career management, Career planning and career developing models
Career stages: personal preferences, Career trends in maritime sector, Career theories (J. Holland- Ann Roe,
E. Schein), Resume, cover letter methods, Expectations of maritime sector, Impressive job interview,
interview techniques, Filling out resume, companies to apply for jobs via the Internet web pages and filling
out job application forms, Organizational work placement, career planning, and career management for
individual and organizational, Relationship with human resources management and career planning,
organizational career planning, Career planning issues, Professional business man visitors from world of the
job, and interview with students in classroom, Interpreting and written communication, professional ethics

Course Coordinator
Fırat Bolat
Course Language
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