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MYE 5096E - Scientific Research,Ethics & Seminar

Course Objectives

1- To learn what is science, scientific research methods,
2-To learn scientific methodology, research design and data gathering,
3-To learn types of scientific publications (thesis, scientific article, report etc.),
4- To learn ethical principles that need to be carried out in scientific research and publications,
5- Evaluating outstanding presentation techniques, systematically transferring the current developments in the area or one's own worj-k to other groups in and out of the area.

Course Description

Definition and development of science, scientific research approach, literature survey, research design, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, data gathering , writing techniques fro thesis, project and scientific article, ethical principles to be followed when conducting research, ethical principles to be followed when publishing, citation ethics, tips for a successful presentation, student presentations within the scope of their thesis topics/own field.

Course Coordinator
Emine Şirin Özgün Tanır
Course Language
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