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IKE 513E - Industrial Economics

Course Objectives

1. To explain the factors that determine the structure of a market
2. To model and understand the impact on consumers and profits ofvarious market structuresand firm strategies in equilibrium
3. To examine possible strategies and conduct of firms to alter the market structure and theirresulting performance through theory and applications n Turkey, international, and global
4. To develop and understanding of the economic models behind antitrust & competitionpolicies and government regulations in a comparative context

Course Description

While perfect competition is the focus in a typical Microeconomics class, Industrial Organizaion
focuses on firm behavior in imperfectly competitive markets, which are far more widespread.
Utilizing optimization or game theoretical techniques as necessary, modeling different market
structures including monopoly, oligopoly, and cartels and firms’ various price and non-price
strategies are taught. Purposes and applications of antitrust & competition policy are introduced
in international and global contexts.

Course Coordinator
Shourjo Chakravorty
Course Language
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