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IMT 506E - Interior Architectu.Project II

Course Objectives

1. To maintain to design an adaptive re-use project in an unique environment,
2. To maintain for the students to investigate, to understand, to interpret and to transfer the
qualifications of the particular environment to the design works,
3. To give knowledge all the other disciplines related with interior architecture,
4. To maintain for the students to use any kind of media for visualizing, expressing and
representing the design work.

Course Description

The investigation of the genius loci; The specification of planning and programming decisions and needs; The investigation of the interaction between man and environment, between time and space, between space and place with an interdisciplinary approach; The definition of project subject, place and function; The design solution alternatives and evaluations; The final design solution; Modeling and presentation techniques.

Course Coordinator
Sonya Grace Turkman
Course Language
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