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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Örgütlerde Davranış ve Liderlik
English Behavior&Leadership in Org.
Course Code
MBA 538E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
- 4 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Lutfihak Alpkan
Course Objectives To broaden students’ general knowledge about individual and group behaviors in the business life,
To help students understand the antecedents and consequences of human traits, perceptions, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors,
To improve students’ skills in recognizing and conceptualizing problems pertaining to leadership and motivation.
Course Description Organziational behavior and leadership issues cover research on dealing with difficulties pertaining to human relations and on improving quality of working life at individual, group and organzaitional levels.
Course Outcomes To develop an understanding of how people behave at work.
To develop an awareness about basic OB concepts such as diversity, stress, culture, leadership, motivation, etc.
To explore our own personality traits and face with our stereotypes,
To recognize work related leadership problems and improve relations with colleagues,
To develop better feelings and attitudes towards the workplace.
Required Facilities
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