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SYC 501E - Political Philosophy

Course Objectives

To help students to improve their ability to read carefully, write and speak clearly, and think analytically.
To allow the students to gain a critical understanding of some of the most important issues and theories in Political Philosophy.
To enhance students knowledge of central terms of political theory and sharpen their conceptual skills to identify, compare and evaluate philosophical arguments
To develop students conceptual skills needed to compare, evaluate and analyze philosophical arguments within the field of political theory

Course Description

This course aims to provide a critical and historical overview of some major works in the history of political philosophy and to provide an introduction to the various theories and concepts which influence political discourses. It will engage a detailed study of substantial portions of primary texts by philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle- Hobbes, Rousseau, Hegel Marx and Nietzsche. The emphasis throughout will be on the philosophical importance of the thoughts studied.

Course Coordinator
Gürcan Koçan
Course Language
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