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SYC 514E - Contemporary Political Theory

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is first of all to develop a rigorous examination of major debates, theoretical assumptions, and different approach to philosophical themes of politics. Secondly, by engaging contemporary treatments of the same issues, as well as -modern appropriations of different approaches, the course will lead to a heightened appreciation of the complexity of political theory and to a critical understanding of the development of political thought

Course Description

This seminar seeks to explore and understand some of the central issues, methods, debates that political theorists are engaged in. The different philosophical positions with regard to methods and concepts and are to be critically analyzed with the purpose of highlighting the differences in their perspectives and in order to understand very nature of politics. It will specifically focus on the representative works of the major philosophical trends or traditions in political theory: liberalism, conservatism, communitarianism, critical theory, radical theory, environmental theory and the like.

Course Coordinator
Gürcan Koçan
Course Language
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