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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Kompozisyon Projesi 4
English Composition Project 4
Course Code
MDP 606E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Emmamouıl Ekmektsoglou
Course Objectives 1. To mentor students through weekly lesson and assignments, to gain a greater
competency in the necessary contrapuntal and harmonic skills necessary for larger-scale
chamber-music composition.
2. To help students develop further their understanding of musical process and forms,
particularly those of contemporary music.
3. To help students acquire advanced skills in notation, such as for extended instrumental
Course Description Large-scale chamber-music writing, technical form and notational topics, development of
personality, self-criticism.
Course Outcomes Graduate students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge skills and
1. An appropriate set of advanced skills for large-scale chamber-music composition.
2. Deeper knowledge of contemporary musical styles.
3. The competency on developing a sense of stylistic self-awareness.
4. The ability to comment on a range of musical and aesthetic issues regarding creation,
originality, intention, and emulation in contemporary music.
5. A self-critical awareness and an ability to edit, revise and improve their compositions.
Required Facilities
Other References Arnold Whittall. 1999. Musical Composition In the Twentieth Century, Oxford Music
David Nicholls. 1992. Experimental American Music 1890-1940, Cambridge
University Press.
James McCalla. 2003. Twentieth-century Chamber Music, New York: Routledge.
Solomon - How to Write for Percussion
The techiques saxophone - Marcus Weiss
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