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TKY 504 - Modern Harmonization Techniques

Course Objectives

This course aims to;
1. Getting skills in new perspectives and currents in harmonization in order to develop creativity and
2. Getting knowledge in modern harmony
3. Learning re-harmonization techniques to change the structure of a musical piece
4. Comprehending and bringing skills for the compared analysis on the re-harmonized pieces.
5. Getting knowledge on currents and artistic quests of Post-Romantic period and 20th century.

Course Description

harmonization in terms of chord functions, harmonization in terms of linear movements andsubstitute chords, Cadence quest in harmonization, The use of seventh, ninth, eleventh and thirteenth
chords in modern harmony, Cluster chords, compound chords, Post-Romantic Period, harmonic materials,chromaticism, Impressionistic harmonic perspective and harmonic knowledge, Harmonic perspective in
Poly-tonality and 12-tone music, The analysis of changing sonorities by harmonization in differentperspectives, Re-harmonization in terms of tension and release in chords, Changing perspectives of
arranging with harmonization, Examples on harmonization techniques, Tonal centers and modulationconcepts in harmonization, New concepts of form and notation techniques in harmonization.

Course Coordinator
Recep Gül
Course Language
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