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DZC 602E - Maritime Environmental Management

Course Objectives

The aim of the course;
1. Have knowledge about ecological structure and pollution of marine environment.
2. Have knowledge about marine environment policies.
3. Have knowledge the structural and operating characteristics of the ship parts which cause marine and environment pollutions.
4. Have knowledge about environmental management and impact assessment elements.

Course Description

Sustainability of Marine Environment, Types and Effects of Marine Pollutants, Ship Based Marine Pollution, Legal Framework of Marine Pollution, Application of Maritime Environmental Management Standards in Maritime Industry, Environmental Impacts of Vessel Emission , Bilge Water Management
Environmental Impacts of Oil Pollution, Ballast Water Management, Environmental Impacts of Dredging Operations, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment and Elements, Geographical Information System Applications in Marine Environment, Environmental Ethics and Unethical Behaviors in Maritime

Course Coordinator
Tanzer Satır
Course Language
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