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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Müzikolojiye Giriş
English Introduction to Musicology
Course Code
MYL 841E Credit Lecture
Semester -
- 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Paul Alıster Whıtehead
Jane Ellen Harrıson
Course Objectives 1. Through readings and discussion, to develop an understanding of the scope of Musicology and its connection to related fields in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Cultural Studies,
2. To familiarise students with library, archival, and internet resources and the appropriate research methods,
3. Through exposure to case studies, to teach students how to employ textual and historical techniques, and organological and lexicographical tools,
4. To show students methods of organizing and presenting their findings and conclusions in an academic setting,
Course Description A survey of the discipline of Musicology, including a historical overview, broad division into the scope of the field (related scientific and humanistic disciplines), resources (libraries, archives, and digital/internet materials), and research methodologies (textual and historical, organology, lexicography, performance practice, etc,)
Course Outcomes On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Obtain up-to-date working knowledge of the main English-language secondary sources on musicology and related disciplines
2. Show competency on commenting on a range of conceptual issues, including the status of musical autonomy as regards societal and cultural constraints, and demonstrate an ability to conceptualise
3. Show competency on describing, evaluating and/or challenging pertinent current scholarly thinking on a range of these conceptual issues
4. Acquire skills on incorporating a consistently strong grasp of detail with respect to content
5. Show competency on selecting, applying, interpreting and organising information, including evidence of a high level of bibliographical control
6. Show competency on researching and presenting an essay in a standard musicological format
Required Facilities
Textbook Frank Ll, Harrison, Mantle Hood, and Claude V, Palisca, Musicology (Prentice-Hall, 1963)
Other References John A, Kimmey, Jr,, A Critique of Musicology: Clarifying the Scope, Limits and Purposes of Musicology (Edwin Mellen Press, 1989),
James W, Pruett and Thomas P, Slavens, Research Guide to Musicology (American Library Association, 1985),
Denis Stevens, Musicology: A Practical Guide (Schirmer, 1981),
Joseph Kerman, Contemplating Music: Challenges to Musicology (Harvard University Press, 1985),
Nicholas Cook and Mark Everist, eds,, Rethinking Music (Oxford University Press, 1999),
Nicholas Kenyon, ed,, Authenticity and Early Music: A Symposium (Oxford University Press, 1988),
Alastair Williams, Constructing Musicology (Ashgate, 2001),
Grove Music Online (internet resource)
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