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MYE 594E - Contemporary Musical Practices

Course Objectives

1. To do original research to understand current topics affective the musical world,
2. To develop a deeper understanding of contemporary music world by critiquing current trends in terms of their potential for changing perspective in the music world, their ability to have a lasting impact in music, and/or their immediate and hypothetical long-term value,
3. To develop in students an awareness of original and dynamic ideas in the field of music by the application of inter-disciplinary skills

Course Description

This is a course with intentionally adaptable content to address the ever-changing relevant topics in recent music practice, Through an integrated approach involving reading, listening, writing, and speaking, students will become familiar with concepts, techniques, theories, and trends that are currently affecting aspects of musical scholarship,

Course Coordinator
Emmamouıl Ekmektsoglou
Course Language
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