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IMT 502 - Building Technology

Course Objectives

1. To gain the students to analyze the concepts light, material and construction which define the character of interior environment and to be able to associate these concepts with design decisions and to give them the ability of critical thinking and decision making related with application process,
2. To introduce the current standards and guidelines related with design and application of various buildings’ subsystems,
3. To gain the ability of evaluating a given building, that is examining the related standards, codes and regulations.

Course Description

Physical characteristics of light; effects of light as a design parameter for interiors in terms of visual comfort; Discussion upon examples through natural-artificial- integrated lighting; The interior materials: its structure, physical characteristics, using areas, endurance and maintenance; The discussion of the relationship between material- color- texture as spatial perception and experience; the synthesis of the defining components of interiors in terms of the principles of light, material and construction; investigation of current standards and guidelines.

Course Coordinator
Leyla Tanaçan
Alpin Köknel Yener
Course Language
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