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IMT 512E - Human Scienc.Interior Architec

Course Objectives

1. To get knowledge the theory related to the reciprocal interaction between interiors, human and environment and grasp interdisciplinary relationship between them.
2. To be informed about human perception, senses, values, experiences in the scope of the interaction between interiors, human and environment,
3. To be informed about cognition of space and design theories,
4. To be informed about ergonomic relations furniture on and space,
5. To gain competency related with the knowledge to be learned.

Course Description

Definition of the architectural space; relationship between human sciences and architecture; user- space interaction (subject- object relation); human- environment; theories on human-public-environment interaction; space in terms of social relationships; space and identity; approaches and definitions of space from a psychological viewpoint; cognition of space and design theories; ergonomic relations on furniture and space (different approaches to concepts like efficiency, exhaustion).

Course Coordinator
Ervin Garip
Course Language
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