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BVT 502E - Historiogr.for History of Sci.

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the stages of historiography of history of science;
2. To introduce the leading philosophical approaches to the history of science;
3. To introduce the basic concepts, methods and sources used in historiography of history of science;
4. To help the students grasp the ability to read, understand and write texts and make researches while building or assessing a text related to history of science

Course Description

This course covers Historiography and Legends; Greco-Roman Historiography; Religions’ Approaches to History; Historical Writing in Enlightenment; Beginning of a Scientific Historiography (19.yy) (Ranke, Langlois, Seignobos); Annales School; Post-Modern Historiography; General History Approaches (Teological, Psitivist, Romantic, Pragmatic, Idealist, Marxist, Constructivist, Frankfurt School, Dependency, Subaltern Approaches); Basic Concepts in Historiography; Historian and Ethical Responsibility; Types and Uses of Historiacal Sources; Methods of Quatations and Reference; How to Build a Historical Text?

Course Coordinator
Tuncay Zorlu
Course Language
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