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MYE 5034E - World Music Theory

Course Objectives

1, To gain the methods of transcription, their inherent problems, and the interpretation thereof,
2, To learn tools necessary for pursuing their specialized music studies (sub- disciplines),
3, To gain an overview of the main types of analysis used in musics of the world, and how they differ and concur with those used for Eurogenetic musics,
4, To expand the interdisciplinarity of their perspectives through an introduction to a variety of analytical techniques,

Course Description

The tools for analyzing and theorizing the musics of the world, aural training, the range of sounds used in the world’s musics, graphic representation of music, and analytical methods in ethnomusicology, building blocks of music examined transculturally, introduction to cultural, cognitive, and semiotic perspectives,

Course Coordinator
Jeremy Jonathan Woodruff
Course Language
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