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SYC 508E - Urban and Environmental Politcs

Course Objectives

I. To provide advanced level understanding for urban and environmental politics as sub-disciplines of political studies.
II. Exploring a range of critical issues in contemporary urban and environmental politics
III. Developing the ability to think theoretically and conceptually.
IV. Developing the ability to communicate and discuss issues effectively.
V. Developing the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write

Course Description

The course includes the discussions on urban and environmental politics based on the concepts of place which the humans are in relation and have been restructuring. Urban and environmental politics is concerned with the issues such as production of the physical environment-consumption of natural environment; the role of the state and the local government; environmental and urban social movements; globalization; institutional organization; poverty, social exclusion which are examined within the general framework of power, government/governance and citizens.

Course Coordinator
Aslı Erbil
Course Language
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