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STD 601E - Politic.Concep.&Persp.on Poli.

Course Objectives

I. To advance detailed critical understanding of a range of arguments about political concepts central to contemporary political theory
II. To foster the ability to analyze and assess opposing arguments in political theory
III. To cultivate appreciation of the relevance of arguments in political theory to contemporary political issues and the ability to apply arguments in political theory to a range of such issues
IV. To develop deeper understanding of key political concepts

Course Description

This course analyzes some of the major normative arguments about a variety of political concepts. It will provide a conception to political theory by analysing key political concepts. It will examine particular normative debates surrounding key concepts including power, the state, political obligation, civil disobedience, freedom, equality, justice, democracy, citizenship, and human rights. The contestability of these political concepts is investigated.

Course Coordinator
Gürcan Koçan
Course Language
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