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MYE 534E - Studies in Opera

Course Objectives

1. To cultivate in students, through readings and discussion, an awareness of the main trends and developments in periodisation and cultural context of key vocal genres within Western music,
2. To develop in students an understanding of how musical genres develop and are categorised,
3. To familiarise students become familiar with current ideas on the definition of genre,
4. To impart to students, through focused listening to selected examples, critical listening skills and an understanding of the stylistic and structural features present in particular genres,

Course Description

Genre as a criterion for de-limiting musical repertoires; inter-disciplinary theories of genre; emphasis on key genres of vocal music (including chant, Lied, and opera); interrelationships among musico-dramatic genres and connections to stage works and literature; distinctions between sacred and secular environments and between 'aesthetic' and 'functional' parameters; historical aspects of vocal genres,

Course Coordinator
Paul Alıster Whıtehead
Course Language
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