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MJT 608 - Modern Music Studies

Course Objectives

This course aims to;
1. To understand theories and approaches of today's music and to produce new ideas and propositions for the future
2. To have a background including the comprehension of the period from the beginning of 20th century until today.

Course Description

A general view of second half of 19th century, A general view of first half of 19th century, The concept of atonality. Study on post-tonal approaches and systems (12 tone system, integral serialism) Schoenberg, Webern, Berg,. Messiaen and Boulez, Babbit , Stockhausen, New tonalities : Stravinsky, Bartok. Neo Classisism: Political influences in music: Prokofiev, Shostakovich. Post-serial period : Influences of Jazz, Rock and Popular Music, Minimalism. Microtonality. Electronic music. Modern music in Turkey. The impact of maqam music on modern music. Project Presentations and Debates

Course Coordinator
Recep Gül
Course Language
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