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DZC 515 - Port Policies

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is;
1. To provide a scientific understanding of the elements of port policies.
2. To teach the use of port dynamics in the development of port policies and to establish the general framework for this.
3. To provide up-to-date information on national and international port policies
4. To increase the student's scientific knowledge, analysis, synthesis and sharing ability regarding port policies.

Course Description

Port definition, types and functions, Maritime logistics markets, Port-oriented logistics, Evolution and hierarchical taxonomy of port regions, Port development dynamics, economic development and port governance, Port reform, Competitiveness and investment challenges, Fifth generation port model development, Home port strategy, implementation of game theoretical model of port policies, Port privatization and investment policies, legal elements for the privatization of the port, green port policy, global and regional comparative harbor policies (EU, Far East, Africa, USA, Turkey).

Course Coordinator
Fırat Bolat
Course Language
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