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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish On Altıncı Yüzyıl Kontrpuanı
English 16th-Century Counterpoint
Course Code
MYL 5006E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Paul Alıster Whıtehead
Course Objectives 1. To develop in students an idiomatic sensibility of sixteenth-century style,
2. To teach writing skills in a sixteenth-century contrapuntal idiom
Course Description The acquisition of writing skills in the sixteenth-century contrapuntal discipline, and the ability to write naturally in sixteenth-century idioms; melodic line, the study of dissonance, imitation, text-setting, double counterpoint, canonic writing, voice-leading, cadences, paraphrase technique, three-voice and four-voice considerations, the motet, parody technique, and musica ficta,
Course Outcomes Graduate students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills, and competencies:
1. The ability to compose using sixteenth-century contrapuntal techniques,
2. Knowledge about the rules governing sixteenth-century contrapuntal writing and the ability to articulate them,
3. Knowledge about the compositional forms that were most prevalent in the sixteenth-century as well as the knowledge of important works by sixteenth-century composers,
4. The ability to sense what is stylistically appropriate in a sixteenth-century contrapuntal piece,
5. Competency in setting text in a sacred sixteenth-century style,
Required Facilities
Textbook Salzer, Felix, and Carl Schachter. 1989. Counterpoint in Composition: The Study of Voice Leading. New York: Columbia University Press
Other References Andrews, Herbert Kennedy, 1958, An Introduction to the Technique of Palestrina, London: Novello,
Gauldin, Robert, 1985, Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint, Illinois: Waveland Press Inc,
Jeppersen, Knud, 1992, Counterpoint: The Polyphonic Style of the Sixeenth Century, Reprinted by Dover,
Mann, Alfred A,, ed, and trans, 1971, The Study of Counterpoint, New York: W, W, Norton,
Piston, Walter, 1984, Counterpoint, New Haven: YaleUniversity Press,
Soderland, Gustave Frederic, and Samuel H, Scott, 1996, Examples of Gregorian Chant and Sacred Music of the 16th Century, Illinois: Waveland Press Inc,
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